LIMS Software Can Modernize Your Lab’s Information Flow

The healthcare industry is stretched thin as America’s largest generation transitions to the aging population. Baby Boomers are retiring at a very fast pace and will be doing so for many years to come. Keeping up with this generation is going to require creative solutions and help from the technology sector. Medical laboratories also feel the pinch as the demand for lab tests continues to rise.

Between routine lab tests or more serious pathology tests, more than ever the healthcare industry needs to be timely, accurate and cost-effective in its operations. There are several different types of laboratories in the U.S. – hospital labs, pathology, commercial, and smaller/regional independents. Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) provide the platform and the right software to automate all types of administrative and clinical tasks.

Level the Playing Field for Independents
Industry consolidation has reduced the number of commercial laboratories to just two, Lab Corp. and Quest Diagnostics. These super lab testing centers have expanded their market share, and they compete with smaller, regional independent laboratories. With the right LIMS software, independents can compete and expand their market share in the communities they serve.

Diamond Computing’s software, LabGEM, provides a seamless integration between user interface screens and the LIMS. A key highlight is that it is scalable from 3 or 4 to more than 100 workstations. With LabGEM we can automate for you almost any function that can be imagined. Our software integrates static database files (insurance companies, diagnosis codes, doctor files) and has an unlimited capacity for patient records to generate all types of output reports. Our program also provides large modules that handle computer interfaces with medical instruments, other labs, and a variety of EMR’s.

Scalability at One Third of the Price
Software and equipment investments can be a game changer for independent labs. Due to budgets, careful considerations must be made as to what procurements will allow them to increase productivity and maximize limited resources. With our LabGEM software, doctors and medical staff can log in remotely to their laboratory’s website and view patient reports, lab results and even place lab orders. Our LIMS software provides real-time access to improve doctor/patient interactions, timely test retrieval, insurance claims processing and other billing functions.

As experienced programmers and veterans in the LIMS industry, we have perfected our software over the course of the past 30 years. The absolute best part, our software is more affordable than our current competitors’ products. Contact us today and receive the benefits of 24/7 support and programming expertise with our LabGEM system.