Should You Invest in an LIS System?

Maybe your lab doesn’t have 100 workstations and you don’t serve a vast network of medical professionals. However, even the smallest commercial lab can benefit greatly from LIS systems. Let’s take a closer look at what a laboratory information management system can do for your business and why it may be one of the best investments you can make.

Common Issues Labs Face Today
The need to process more data is increasing, and it can present a number of problems for the modern lab. For example:

  • As work demand increases, so does the need to reduce the time it takes to process samples.
  • Databases are growing rapidly and the need to access information in real time is also increasing. Your clients don’t have time to wait.
  • Tracking and organizing samples and test results is becoming more challenging with more demand on computers.
  • With several people accessing data at one time, database integrity is at a premium.

Solutions to These Problems
Most of the problems modern labs face today are concerned with accessing information in the most timely and efficient manner. In addition, one needs to have technology capable of handling the increased demand placed on hardware and software. This is where LIS systems enter the picture. Let’s examine each problem and see how a laboratory information management system like LabGEM can help.

  • Sample processing time – an effective data management system reduces the time it takes to enter information and process clinical data.
  • Reports – generating reports is fast and easy so clients get results sooner.
  • Data tracking – sample and report tracking is all taken care of by a central computer and each user can easily access it on demand.
  • Computer issues – LabGEM is designed to keep up with the needs of lab businesses. It can handle the increased load of additional users with no problems. And you will always have the benefits of Diamond Computing’s world class customer support.

The Benefits of LabGEM
Diamond Computing has been around since the early days of LIS systems development. We have seen the advancement in technology and the increasing demands placed upon the independent commercial laboratory. Our laboratory information management system is designed for you and will not only simplify your business, it will be there as you expand and grow. We don’t just provide the LIS system, we can also program and customize your system to fit your needs. We are there to help you.