LIS Software, Web Portals, and the Business of Connecting the Lab to Doctors

When it comes to lab information systems and making the commercial laboratory a better business, Diamond Computing is committed to the goal of providing commercial labs with the best tools to help the doctors that are their client base. Every installation of LabGEM, our LIS software product, comes bundled with WebGEM, a web portal that gives doctors direct access to their own patient results.

LabGem – the Flexible LIS System
Automated LIS systems can sometimes seem inflexible, forcing users to adapt rather than adapting to users. But with LabGEM, Diamond’s premier Laboratory Information System (LIS) , flexibility is a built-in feature. Our LIS software configures to your needs and grows as you grow. Our database scales seamlessly from small volume to large volume labs, and customized features are the hallmark of a LabGEM installation. LabGEM also connects labs to their customers, the doctors who place the orders. Our LIS software comes bundled with WebGEM, our state-of-the-art web portal. Each doctor can go to the lab’s website, click on the access link, and sign in to WebGEM to access their own results, download their own reports, and place their own new orders. WebGEM connects your lab with your customers in real time, in the most direct and client-centric way possible. Our LIS software is designed not only to make your lab more efficient, but also to provide a secure and accessible window for your clients.

Where We Have Been
Our laboratory information software has historically been installed and used in hospital labs, pathology offices, and commercial labs. Big reference labs of some note occasionally have the tendency to not be as responsive as independent labs, and it is in the personal handling of these independent commercial labs that our LIS Software, LabGEM, finds the most traction. LabGEM helps you run your lab efficiently and cost-effectively. We want the independent commercial lab to get the most out of its market, and Diamond Computing’s support staff works directly with the lab to make sure this happens. We know the lab is also a business, and we want to help you grow. With LabGEM as your lab information system, you have the platform to do so.

Where We Are Going
At Diamond Computing, we pride ourselves on our customer support. That is how we separate ourselves from the competition, by helping our own customers, the clinical labs themselves. Every independent lab needs a good lab information system help manage and grow their lab. Diamond Computing offers more – not only do we provide our LIS software at an affordable price, we also guarantee the continued attention and response from our support and programming staff. As long as your lab uses LabGEM, you will have a partner that helps you get the most out of your laboratory. Whether its configuring standard features or customizing new ones, Diamond Computing will help your lab get to where it wants to grow.