Laboratory Information Management Systems For Independent Labs

The quality of your laboratory information management system determines how efficiently your independent lab will run. Laboratory information management systems are essential in modern healthcare environments where labs must operate with large amounts of data. LabGEM, Diamond Computing’s laboratory information management system, can help independent labs systematically and cost-effectively maintain, utilize and disseminate data.

A System That Fits Your Needs
At Diamond Computing, our LabGEM information system is specifically designed for independent labs. Not only is it affordable, but it is designed to scale to your size. When your business grows, LabGEM will help you keep pace. Whether you use one instrument or several, 2 workstations or dozens, LabGEM is the lab information system for you.

System Capabilities
Quality laboratory information management systems help you manage your workflow. From Order Entry to Report Generation, LabGEM has all the standard features to look for in an lab information system. What sets us apart is configuring the system to your needs. Whether it is custom reports, special processing during results entry, extra fields for file maintenance, LabGEM makes the adjustments so you don’t have to.

Additional Features
Look for a lab information system that also allows for instrument interfacing and includes features such as ad-hoc report generation, reference lab interfacing, and outreach program billing capability. These types of systems work in a wide range of lab settings, including epidemiology/microbiology, cytology as well as surgical pathology, and blood banks.

Our LabGEM LIS software stands out in that it is supported at all times of the day and on every day of the year by Diamond Computing’s staff of experts. We have the experience and tools needed to help you customize the software to fit your lab’s workflow. Our programmers always collaborate with clients on quickly designing and implementing the reports or features you need in your unique lab environment. We have a proven information system solution for you regardless of your requirements or existing resources.