Top Qualities of Laboratory Information Systems for Independent Medical Labs

If your independent commercial laboratory is not running efficiently, you are costing yourself money and causing yourself unnecessary stress. Laboratory information systems are designed to help medical labs operate in a more efficient and profitable way. Diamond Computing is known in the industry for providing a mature system that works well in the independent lab setting. LabGEM is our main product, and we have installed it in a variety of lab settings from coast to coast.

Laboratory Information Systems: LabGEM Capabilities
With our LabGEM system, a suite of integrated software components, you can smoothly complete your operations and work smarter, not harder, due to a wide range of product features. For example, the system allows for login/order entry as well as worksheet processing, inquiry, results entry and results reporting. You can also use this type of system for client services and instrument interfacing, reference lab interfacing, workload recording, quality control and statistics. The system even provides a billing interface that will work with the integrated LabGEM billing system or an external billing system.

Different Types of Labs
The LabGEM system can be put to use in a wide range of fields, no matter how large or small your lab is, including epidemiology/microbiology. You can also use it if your lab specializes in surgical pathology and cytology, as well as dialysis. No matter the type of lab, it is important that the system you use is up-to-date. LabGEM complies with the most recent industry standards and federal guidelines.

Laboratory Information Systems Support – Diamond’s Guarantee
The best types of laboratory information systems are those that don’t just accommodate your needs today but will meet your future needs as well. LabGEM is designed to allow for any expansion you experience in your lab operations. Our system works on almost any server network and scales up as your business grows. Whether you have two workstations or a hundred, LabGEM is built to handle it.

With our help at Diamond Computing, you can easily have a lab information system that it is customized for your workflow, is relatively easy to operate, and will continually meet your lab’s needs from one year to the next. We offer around-the-clock support to answer any questions you may have and are determined to provide high-quality service in a manner that is cost-effective.

You can trust Diamond Computing for your laboratory’s information system needs. Contact us today.